Old art of weaving

Women in the ages of Aqa Muhammad Khan ruling used to plait their hairs and hang it at the back of the head. They were putting the hair crimp in a short form over the forehead and the ear cavity.  
The clothes of women in this age has basically botanical images as the flower and bush are a reflection of the nature in a symbolic method . IN the history of Iranian art , image of bush has a high specific position and is a sign of kingdom , ruling and decorations of cap and textiles of courtiers and it becomes a symbol of absolute power and manifestation of eternality.  But the most important difference of the cloths of this period with Zandiyeh dynasty age is in the skirt or skirt pleats(lower fold) which had become much longer such that the edge of the skirt was being pulled on the land. In that age , there were many types of pants . 

ادامه مطلب